Businesses I Own

I practice what I preach. I honestly can’t be bothered with people that don’t. I could claim to be a financial guru, a genius and a professional all day long until the cows come home, but unless you can see it with your own two eyes, it’s little more than a dirty lie. Since I claim to know my stuff about money (and how to make it) The following is a list of my current internet start-ups –all launched in 2011—and I will be adding even more this year!

The Penny Pinchers – A guide to financial management, saving and wealth building. Plus, scads of free stuff.

I am a World Ventures rep, earning free travel, discounts and INCOME while I do it...all in my pajamas (Have I mentioned that I like pajamas?).

I am a Beach Body coach and Shakeology advocate -- talk to me about healthy living.

I am launching Valkeryie, in July of 2014, a method of blogging, video creation and content marketing designed to make everyone passive income, regardless of what business they are in. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for training on this. 

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