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This is the section of the blog where I let you know about my latest obsession(s). Right now? That obsession is Turbo Fire…squared.

Until nose picking becomes an Olympic sport, I will never be able to consider myself an athlete, but I do believe in being physically fit.

How does that tie into anything else I do?

Well, between being a mother, being a writer and being a fabulous frugalista, staying healthy means living well, and working out regularly goes hand in hand with staying healthy.

Right now, I am on my second 90-day rotation of Beach Body’s Turbo-Fire Program –which you are likely to see me blog about. However, I don’t do it solely for my health. I admit, vanity plays a role in that daily hour long pursuit of my time. I jump in the air, I punch, I kick and I sweat like a pig, six days a week. It makes me happy. And, it has become my new obsession.

Let me explain…
Two years ago, I was fat. Fat and unhappy. Tipping the scales at nearly two bells (that’s 200 pounds) I was an emotional eater. I had no control over what was going in my mouth. Then, I had a wake-up call that came in the form of cervical cancer. Things had to change.

Now, I eat 80% fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed trash is out. And oh, I’m 50 pounds lighter and I look younger to boot.

Now, that didn’t all happen over the last 90 days. I started working out (for real) a year ago. I did Slim in 6 and two iterations of Power 90 before I upped my intensity and purchased this program. The point is that I started something, I stuck with it and I have a lot to show for it. More than anything, I’m healthier. I have more energy, I’m able to think faster and better (athletic endorphins do that) and I handle stress like a pro. Think working out isn’t for you? Keep up with my blog, I bet you I can change your mind.

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