I have been laboring since the tender age of 15. I have done it all. My resume includes: telephone marketing, inbound telephone “As seen on TV” product sales, market research, alarm sales, bartending, waitressing, car sales, cell phone sales, college admissions, sales force management, overseeing a technical school, new home sales, real estate and even year-long stint reading Tarot cards for the Psychic Hotline –not kidding.

In 2007, I lucked my way into a prosperous real estate career, which (ironically) lucked me into my true calling --by way of a few twists, turns and mishaps.

As a nipper, instead of opting to go outdoors and play with kids my own age, I would write stories, plays and poems. I would go through stacks and stacks of paper. My favorite Christmas gift of all time was a word processer I received in the third grade. However, I never let anyone read what I wrote. It was my “secret” life. Thankfully, my grandparents (who watched over me during the day) were too tired and elderly to really delve into my adolescent weirdness and obvious reclusiveness. Thank goodness.

In 7th grade, my English teacher stirred my passion for writing, by sharing my first story with the masses. Ms. Morrow submitted one of my pieces on my behalf and got it published in a magazine. I was elated. That was my first taste of success in the written word.

That same year, my Reading teacher took my thirst a step further by introducing me to my favorite-penned maniac, Mr. Stephen King. I was hooked. I was a junkie, and I didn’t care who knew. In fact, I stopped paying attention in most of my classes, in favor of my feeding desires –which could only be quelled with a pen set to paper.

However, as life often does, it gets in the way. I got sidetracked  and blown directly off course for about 16 years. …

When the real estate market bottomed out in 2007, I was looking for ways to set myself apart and build my business despite lack of clientele. I traveled the internet and eventually stumbled into blogging for some random internet publications. At first, I used my writing to supplement my real estate career, adding credibility and “punch” to the business I was building.

Then, after a series of unfortunate events involving my health, I couldn’t handle the high-paced world of real estate anymore. But that was okay. You see, at that point, I was writing for Yahoo. I was in love again. In October 2010, I left real estate behind and picked up the pen (laptop), full time.

Less than six months later, I got my first feature on Yahoo’s front page. Since then, I am featured at least once a month. Add that good news to my book(s), and I have never looked back. I am an author, I am a columnist and I am a blogger. I have never been more in love in my life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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