Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Social Darwinism

I’m going to get crucified for this one, but here goes.

I have no problem with Social Darwinism.

But wait! Before you troll my blog and blast me for this, hear me out.

What is ‘Social Darwinism’?
Essentially, it’s Darwinism, but in the social realm. In essence, only the strong survive and the weak are left by the wayside. Now, when I say “weak”, I’m not talking about folks who are legitimately disabled, the elderly or toddlers with medical conditions. In fact, I’m taking a difference stance on Social Darwinism: I’m taking on the weak minded.  

You know the ones…
No doubt you have met people who are never happy, no matter what happens to them or what they do. Nothing is ever “enough”; nothing ever “pleases” them. Indeed, they believe that they are ‘owed’ something either because of their social status, socio-economic status, color of their skin or background. The truth is, they aren’t. These folks are the weak minded among us. And they need to go.

Cold, hard truth: No one is owed anything, other than a chance to work to become a better human with each passing day -- until your time is up. And the fact is, you owe THAT to yourself.

Weak minded people have no place here.

I believe that life hands you lemons. With those lemons, don’t just make lemonade, turn that lemonade into a lemonade stand and own it. Turn your failure into triumph, however you can. Be strong of mind, be hearty in spirit and never quit.

I believe that every man, woman and child on this planet is given the opportunity to make changes, to do “big things” and to be (in their own definition) “successful.” And I believe they have it within them to do so. Yet, despite this truth, there are others who choose to do nothing with this wonderful opportunity they are given. The weak minded among us. They are poisonous.

For weak minded folks, I don’t think a social safety net should be an option. I don’t think that it is society’s responsibility to take up the mantle of care and loving kindness to foster them. I believe care and love and benevolence is wasted on people like this. They are the users, the leeches, the cancers of our lives. Helping people with this mindset isn’t helping, it’s enabling.

Less warm fuzzy, more tough love
I believe that weak minded people need to fall flat on their faces and learn how to pick themselves up. That’s their lesson.

Rinse and repeat until they “get it”. I hope that one day they do. If they can’t…well, then that’s just too bad. It sucks to be you.

Life is an exercise in learning experiences, and what you take from these experiences is your grade.

Wanna compare report cards?


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