About Me

This blog is really just a miss-meshed syndicate of paraphernalia from my barbed, warped, sophomoric, mordant brain. I don't have a rhyme or reason for any of what goes on here -- and I don't have to. Maybe one day I'll have a sophisticated system, a rhyme or a reason, but for now, take it for what it is ... randomness wrapped in a conundrum.

If you managed to make it through all of that and are still with me…

I am a proud mother of eleven. I have a set of rambunctious, delightful, brilliant, reverent, outrageous, smart assed twin nearly 20 year old daughters. My third sprog is 13, and is more of a spitfire than I ever dreamed of being at that age…and I would not have it any other way. If I have done anything right in my entire time on this planet, it would be those three things, err, kids.

My other eight children are of the furry beast variety. I have a female German Shepherd (Aradia), a male German Shepherd (Arthas - The Lich King), a Fat Puppy (Kizmet), a newly birthed brood (litter) of four, and four pesky little kitty cats. (Magick, Onxyia, Yummy and Loki).

I am a card-carrying member of PETA, but not the crazy, whacky nut job PETA. I avoid protests like a hillbilly avoids the dentist. And you will never hear me preach at you for eating chickens or turkeys or fish or cow testicles. I'm just not an enthusiast of hunting and fishing for sport. If you eat what you kill (and I do not have to watch it) all is well. Just do not ask me to kill anything on four legs. See, I prefer to get my meat as nature intended...wrapped in several layers of saran wrap, from the meat isle in the grocery store. Color me hypocritical carnivore.

I am extremely financially conservative, but socially liberal (cue collective gasp). I believe in old-fashioned family values, old school parenting, in calling people out on their bullshit and sincerely believe the world would be better off with fewer politicians…a lot fewer…like five. However, I do not believe in legislating anyone’s uterus (I remain pro-choice) and I believe gay couples have every right to be just as miserable and married as the rest of us. I am not an aggregate right-winger, but aside from those two things, I am close. Very close.

I am a writer. Now, before you ask, the answer is, "No." I will not write your memoirs, I do not do ghost writing and I do not jot down life for anyone else but me.Sorry.

Right now, I write personal finance, real estate, parenting and life management/observation columns for Yahoo. You can usually see my work on the front page but you will also see me in print --of the glossy, perfumed variety. Naturally, I post the whens and wheres here.

I am an entrepreneur. I have three major internet start-ups I am CEO-ing. A financial management blog/advice website, a blog consulting firm, a freelance writing site (underway) and a few more projects in the wings that are under wraps as of this moment. I believe in authoring my own financial destiny using multiple streams of income to do it. For more about my money mastery advice check out my Penny Pinchers blog.

I say "fuck" a lot. In fact I say fuck and variations of four letter words more than a drunken sailor on fleet week and I do not plan on stopping any time soon...or ever for that matter. I happen to be an intelligent, well-read, articulate woman who just happens to drop many F-bombs. You can either deal with that, or move along. 

In closing all I really have left to say is: Welcome to my wild ride. Make sure your sensibilities remain unlocked from an uptight position. Stow your judgments in the overhead compartments and please discontinue use of bad attitudes for the remainder of the flight. This journey might get turbulent, in which case, be advised that you need to suck it up and deal with it. Thanks for joining me, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.  

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