What I Do

I'm always up to something, but here are some things I do regularly: 

I am a columnist and freelancer extraordinaire. I write for online and offline publications regularly, because those pay the bills and because I enjoy authoring short snippets of text. The web is a powerful platform. There is something for everyone.

In my off time you will find me authoring full length books. The first is due for publication in March 2012. 

Public Speaking
I fell in love with public speaking in grammar school. Since then, I have done thousands of presentations, speeches and participated in several debates. If you want to know more about my talking points, visit the page.

If there are two evils in the world I would love to stamp out before I die, those would be sexual abuse and domestic violence. I am an advocate to fight the fight against both and educate anyone who will listen about stopping the cycle. My plan is to found two non-profit foundations to help do this. 

Businesses I Own
I am a business owner and entrepreneur. I have several online ventures and am working on some brick and mortar plans in the future. Check it out! 

Radio Edits
I have a show on Blog Talk Radio, a HD Live Streaming Channel, and (of course) a YouTube channel as well. 

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