1. Home my dear daughter feels like you and your babies coming to fill our lives with hustle bustle activities visiting grandpa one last time, coming to care for me while I recouperated from major surgery in 2003, home was filled with love, tenderness, caring and respect. Home is a place with you and your girls playing, singing, and laughing, cooking, shopping and openly and honestly talking without criticism, put downs or ridicule. You made home a lovely decor and a place to stand tall and strong even when the home you had worked lovingly to put together was crumbling do to alcoholism and all the ugliness it hides from the truth and light. Home is love beckoning all to return to their purest, best and loving selves to rest, recuperate and be nurtured. Home is your loving ways and heart because you are like me an Earth Mother. Wherever you go your heart and live ring out for truth, justice and safety for all within the family. Home is the place you are and the structure you build in character, uprightness, and dignity. Home is you. I love you more than you could ever think and more everyday because you are doing the very best you can in difficult circumstances and you make me proud my prayed for little girl grown tall. Always remember we are not perfect, but God isn't finished with us yet. Home is love, patience, courtesy and consideration in the midst of turbulent times and in peace. When your home is sold it will be the building only; you will build a new home releasing all the negatives and embracing the new adventure ahead.
    Meanwhile, remember too that home is here in my heart for you and your girls to rest a while and recharge your spirits. We invite you all to come home to us with open arms.