Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am guilty of spending a good chunk of many of my lazy, pajama-clad Saturdays wandering aimlessly around the blogosphere. Why? Because if there is one thing I sincerely believe (with all my little heart even), it’s that you can’t see the good in the world, or in the human beings inhabiting it, if all you do is look down your nose at people. And today in my internet travels, I haplessly stumbled upon something that I thought (and think) is quite brilliant. The holy grail of blogging, as it were. Yes, really.

And I’m up for it.

The concept is simple, and it’s simply this: Pick a word, any word…a word that you want to define your life from this day until until your last day. And, instead of over-complicating my choice, I went with the first word that popped into my pointy little noggin’:


Throughout my 33-years on this big blue marble that we call Earth, in the overall spectrum of the totality that is the universe, I have had an opportunity to reinvent myself on several occasions. This year is no exception, but rather, this year is the rule. The theme for this is year is change. Personal, financial, spiritual…it’s time to change my ways and fill my cup.

For the last four years, I pressed the pause button on my life. I let someone else control the music I danced too. Now that radio is off (for good), and I get to choose to change the soundtrack for the rest of my life.


I’m glad you asked.

This year it’s time to actually do the things I always talk about doing. It’s time to travel, to see the world; to create an income stream that will keep me and my girls comfortable for many years to come (and I can write from anywhere, including sandy beaches where I do nothing buy type and sip on cocktails with umbrellas in them). It’s time to give more back to my community, time to finish my books, time to have some fun…but most of all, it’s time to get busy living, because hiding in my house and getting closer to the end of my life with each tick tick tick of the clock, is no way to live. It’s time to be bold, to be daring, to be brave and to just BE ALIVE.

What’s in store for me? I don’t know yet. That chapter is being written everyday. However, what I do know is that I fully intend to fill my life cup full of adventures, experiences and a chance to soak up every different, cool, new spontaneous experience I can that doesn’t involve me sitting aimlessly behind my laptop...

And it’s all thanks to one little, tiny word: Change…well, a change in my perspective that is.

Take a moment to think about what YOUR definitive word might be…and please share it with me…and why you chose it…I want to know!

And today’s selection from the ‘Soundtrack of Life’ (I know, I know, there will be an explanation on that soon) is….


Tim Pedraza said...

My word would be 'Forgiveness'.

See I am one of those people that holds grudges. Some grudges I have held on to for a very long time and for the most part they or so insignificant in my life that to continue to hold this grudge towards them is not only dumb but detrimental to my own happiness.

I have always seen myself as a caring human being and for anyone to take advantage of my kindness not only just pisses me off; it truly irritates me for a long time.

I like to think that I am finally in a place in my life that I can say I have matured past these so called 'grudges' but truth is, I think I am just noticing how much of me I give up to such nonsense.

But before any true healing can take place,I will have to learn to forgive myself. Forgive myself for being part of something I had no control of, but witnessed and under duress,due to military obligation, had to participate in.

I have carried the water of others burdens for so long that, for me to truly enjoy life,I must forgive myself for no longer choosing to be the guardian of such memories.

If we are lucky, I mean truly lucky, we come across an article, situation, or person that we can connect to without even knowing them personally or seeing them physically. Someone that can draw out our innermost conscious and help us face it out loud and for me it was this article.I thank you for your candor and being. May your days of 'change' be beautiful and fulfilling.

Shauna said...


Thanks so much for your comment. That was beautiful. :)

Tim Pedraza said...

You are welcome, and Thank you...

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