1. We have allowed our lives to deteriorate from a time in our youth. Our youth was a time of quality not quantity when we were happy with bike, bat and ball. Today is about quantity our children must have music lessons, gymnastics lessons, tutors and more all to help them find their hidden qualities. We grew up playing in the streets studying our selves silly to earn the scholarship to go to college and make something of ourselves to show the world our true worth. How did it get so twisted that in the process of growing ourselves we purchased our children's futures. Where do they go from here? We gave them the best the lessons the video games the laptop the iPods the any and everything we quantified as the best. Now we discover that our lives have been led astray and we need to redefine what is truth and value in our lives. How do we retrain our children who have grown up in our lives finding their values and direction from us only to now discover we were wrong. I wonder what will happen to the the generations that were raised by many of us who now discover we need to reevaluate our priorities and and return to the life we began. I can only hope that somewhere along the line our children watched with their eyes and saw what we did was out of love and grow to value the giving of live over the ownership of objects. The loving relationship over the superficial existence the meaning of family over the meaningless spending. We have to look at what have we done with our lives? Was it right and good and were they the values we intended to pass on to our children? Then we need to look at what's left of our lives and is there time to correct the misconception and put the meaning back into our lives. We need to focus on what is the real quality of life and erase the misconception of the quantity of live. Not all will be able to reach the heights of financial excess we need to help them understand if you have love health and loving families of blood or friends your lives are richer than most with unlimited spending abilities. Why becsuse they seldom have time to enjoy what they work so hard to achieve. This is enjoyed by their families in the form of lessons and objects and the circle continues.